(5/12/14) The bridge that they were building last Monday. It´s finished now, I´ll send a picture when I take one haha. That´s about 3 feet of water covering the road. It smeeeeeells :)

     (5/12/14) More of the bridge...

     (5/12/14) Elder Alexis and Elder Tejerina are like my brothers. Can you tell? We look so much alike haha

    (5/12/14) Last district meeting. Elder Alexis and Elder Lewandawski (or something like that) got transferred :( 

     (5/12/14) We ate lunch in a floating house this week. I LOVED IT. I think I was made to live on and in water. They house rocks!! I loved it. Sister Lucero got a little motion sick and lost her desire to eat food though... 

  (5/12/14) The view during lunch.

   (5/12/14) 2 Sisters, 4 Elders, 2 Members, = a Ridiculous amount of maple syrup and pancakes

   (5/12/14) Minus the palm trees, this part of our area reminds me of home. It has horses, and cows. The cows look different, buttttt the smell is the same ;)

(5/5/14) Rayane and Raynara :)

(5/5/14) Rayane's parents, her son, her and her sister.

(5/5/14) Imão Luis, their neighbor and member friend :) He´s baptized all of them so far

(5/5/14) Everyone is going crazy for the Chapel Dedication. Irmão Clemente is in charge of EVERYTHING, literally. The poor man is going crazy, so we´ve been doing a lot of service lately. Yesterday, we needed to replicate the font of the church to write out the name of the church. Since it´s what I´m studying, I offered to do the lettering. After a while, I decided it was going to take all week. So I got smart."Hey, Irmão Clemente. Since we´re not going to be using our makeshift chapel after today, can I take down the letters in the front so I can trace them?" I was suddenly the smartest person in the room, haha. It was kind of fun, pulling down all the letters. As you can see in the picture, not all of them are there in the first place, so I didn´t feel too guilty.

(4/28/14)    Wedding and Baptism :)

  Thayná :)


    Paulo... Pure Happiness :)

   Nilma :)
Nilma decided to get baptized as a bride :) (I had no arguments, since we didn´t have batismal clothes for her... A member kindly decided to wash all the batismal clothes that morning without asking us haha.)

(4/28/14)     I caught it! Hahaha

(4/28/14)    Here I was saying, " No Irmã, I won´t get married right away! I only caught it because I´m freakishly tall for everyone here."

(4/28/14)  We had a zone conference in Manaus, and we have to walk pra carumba to catch the bus, and it started to rain like CRAZY.
(4/21/14) BAPTISM!
(4/14/14) We had a baptism this week! 9-year-old Hícaro (pronounced eek.arrow)

Us, the family ( minus A LOT OF THEM :( ) and our Elders. (Dad, they are both from Argentina)
Our distric of 4. Elder Redford is from Florida, and Anna served in his ward during the beginning of her mission. Elder Tefhaoeijfavndflvjh is from Argentina (Tejerina) and baptized 3 years ago. They are both 19, left at age 18 and are awesome. They like to play jokes a lot, and we all got along well. 
(4/7/14) Here they are again... pulling jokes. But... I pulled mine first, so...
(4/7/14) We managed to take a normal one.

(4/7/14) I found this in a box, and I blew it. I think Sister Chucos was still sleeping, because it scared her so bad that her body did a wierd jerk like she had the hiccups, and she almost fell over from the shock. Had to take a picture for memory´s sake.
(4/7/14) Last Sunday together :(
(4/7/14) Irmã Fatíma. She´s our mom here.
(4/7/14) This is Irmão Cesear and Irmã Ana Claudia. They are in the Miriti ward, but they spoil us and we love them.
(4/7/14) Jucinede, Rayane (she´s my little deaf girl that I LOVE :) ) they other daughter that I can´t remember her name but she´s the mom of Raydreson, and Rayilkson. This is the family that we are going to marry soon!! Rymundo was still working :( Hopefully he´ll get home tonight in time for FHE
She´s leaving! :(
(4/7/14)People from Nova Canaã that went to transfers.
(4/7/14)Me and almost all of my ex-companions in Brasil. Sister Snow wasn´t there. They all get to live together, lucky ducks!
(4/7/14) Introducing Sister Lucero!
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Sister Moyle and Sister Chucos P-Day :)
(be sure to read the letter for March 17, 2014)
This is a water fountain that we have the block behind our house. Inside the fountain are crocodiles and these huge fish that I forgot their names. No fence or anything to keep fingers out and the fishies in.  I think it´s awesome. I love Brasil.

BICHOS (translation: worms, bugs, MAGGOTS!)

At the temple
Our river.  The colors don´t mix, so it has patches of brown and blue. It´s awesome.
My old zone. SO tiny. 2 districts. Now they took out me and Sister Gago and put in Elders. Almost a whole zone of Elders. Poor Sister Gomez!!
Her name is Fernanda, and she´s 11-years-old. I love her so much.

My new planner for next transfer.. That starts next week!!!
(The jumping girl is Sister Moyle’s sister, Sister Jones, who is serving in the Philippines)
I finally took a picture using the headband Brooklyn gave me
They have more on the Stadium for the world cup
"Pee" Water for my hair (actually, it's lemon grass water)
After the Council, we traveled home by bus, obviously. It was super full of people. Like, there was no breathing space. It was nasty. So we took an how I feel after the bus ride picture.
Oh, and this was before. Much prettier.

My Companion in the MTC was there too ) Sister Guyer!
Sister "Moyle" and Sister Gago at the Manaus temple
Eu e Sister Gago (Sister Gago and I)
Soccer Jersey I got from one of the less-actives we´re working with. Boa sorte para mim. I still haven´t chosen which team I want
It rained really hard yesterday, and my umbrella doesn´t cover my back. Woohoo.
This is tapioca. I love it. You cook it in a pan, dry, and it turns into something else. SOOO good.

Tada! You can put eggs inside, fruit, yogurt... Whatever you want. I don´t think we have it in the states, and I`m addicted
New Name, New Tag!

This is my new companion. I love her
Sister Gago and Sister Moyle
A LITTLE bit more normal.
I took this as we sat outside our investigator´s house and waited for her to show up. It´s my Starving Child in Africa photo. The little girl with the shirt on her head had a problem with her pants... They kept falling off, so she ran around holding them up with one hand. It was cute.
They weren´t starving, by the way.
Sister Guyer, my first comp in the MTC, Sister Riding (who got her visa 3 weeks in the MTC) and I at the Christmas Conference we had
Chacos. Classy. I´ll be glad to not have to use them someday. I have ogre feet and feel very un-feminine.
This chocolate is fantastic. Can´t describe it. I hope I can eat it in Heaven.
I climbed a tree today and hung upsidedown by my knees. I´m a monkey. Woo hoo.
The backs of my knees are a little sore now haha.

Had to take a picture with her. She was so happy to have done our nails. She said that she wants me to come back before I go home so she can do my nails again so I can return home like a princess haha.
This was our Christmas tree. Pretty ugly, but hey, it works! And I like it
One of our new investigators saw us on the street and yelled, " Hey! are you from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?" Um... Why yes, yes we are. "Can you come back in one hour and teach me?" Why yes, yes we can! We taught her the first lesson, committed her to baptism, then she gave us this wrapped gift. I nearly cried when I opened it and saw Christmas mugs. I didn´t realize I miss our ridiculous amount Christmas mugs we have.
The baptims of the Elders. We taught the guy with the earring
Sister Moyle and Sister Snow

Sleeping in hammocks during exchanges as sister training leaders
Splits with Sister Summers and her comp, Sister Chucos, de Peru. They have such a pretty area, but HOT.
O Teatro Amozonas.
One of the rooms ) Great acustics. I wanted to sing. BUT I couldn´t.
I loved this room.
O Centro. They have cool side walks here. Sister Paulo later joked that she should have stood on the black rocks for the picture.
The Stadium for the World Cup. Still under construction! ) Boa Sorte para eles, because the rain is brutal here. Can´t imagine working in it.
the creepy elf that was next to Santa´s Sleigh in O Centro. I don´t know why they built that thing for CHILDREN
We had a baptism to finish off our transfer together ) Her name is Nonata
She will marry this kid´s uncle, who is starting to come back to church after many years. The kid who is in this picture is leaving on a mission for São Paulo Norte the same day Mikenna will embora para as Filipinas. He got his mission call three weeks ago.

I was a little hesitant about sending this home, because I was sick and I look TERRIBLE. BUT. Here is the baptism of Josué. He normally is smiling, but he has a problem with his leg, and he was in a lot of pain that day. Yet he still walked to the church to be baptized. He´s awesome, love him :)
Josué is the little old man. Carlos Eduardo is the member that baptized his. He was baptized a year ago.
This one speaks for itself!!! Sister Jones heads to Brazil very early  Monday (Sept. 30, 2013) morning!

Bugs hate me. That bite was HUGE. I still have a bruise from it.

Jessica has a skunk. I held it. No, the sprayer has not been removed. I'm a daredevil.

Lake County Zone :) They wanted to match, but I didn't have red, so I'm wearing Sister Reid's shirt haha

This is Hannah, one of our investigators. We helped her sort through her clothes. She got silly towards the end and put undies on her head. I hope they were clean, because she slung them in my face.


This is Elder Volkson and Elder Skidmore. We took this picture today. They're going home today!! SO weird. Elder Volkson (the blonde one) was my District Leader for two transfers.

You really get desperate as a missionary :p Sister Baird and I hand-washed some of our clothes and they were dripping everywhere, so I got smart. Yes mom, I used duct tape. It worked beautifully. Just be proud.

 SISTER DOWNS!!! We used to be roommates, and now we are both reassigned to the same mission. How sweet is that?! She is waiting for her visa for Peru, and we got to see each other at transfers. It was actually pretty amazing. It's funny how life works out.

Fethia and Adam. She's back in Algeria now. Forgive my hair... It hadn't been washed.

 The Phillips and Sister Johnson. I love the Phillips. Her name is Saren, Saryn! Anyway, Bro. Phillips is Cliff Phillips nephew, so Tyler Phillips cousin. Tyler was my study buddy my sophmore year, and his freshman year. We had dinner and their house like 3 times, and Saren went out with us a lot. I love them!! Pretty Sweet.

Sacramento Temple. Sister Sydnee Jones and, I assume this is her companion, Sister Johnson. Picture sent June 17, 2013

Sister Sydnee Jones with her first mission president and his wife, President and Sister Alba of the Santa Rosa, CA mission.

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